Project Manager

Job description
We are looking for a structured and reliable project manager. The right applicant will join our offices in Oslo and be responsible for making sure that one or more game projects are completed within the agreed upon terms.The job includes close cooperation with our offices in Russia as well as partner companies.

Your responsibilities will include

  • Daily supervision of workload for everyone on the project
  • Responsibility for all tasks being completed within agreed upon specs and timeframe
  • Participation in planning of future deliveries
  • Reporting to management and partner companies
  • Potentially working with economy and budgets

We are looking for an individual that

  • Is very methodical and structured as a person
  • Is reliable and responsible
  • Has the ability to communicate clearly in English
  • Always checks 3 times if you remembered to pack your passport :)

Relevant education, relevant experience and/or good knowledge of the games industry are all advantageous, but not requirements for applying. The most important criteria are the above, and that you're willing to make an effort to learn this exiting industry.

Game designer

Job description
We are looking for a game designer for upcoming game projects. The right candidate will join our experienced development team in Oslo. The tasks will vary according to the candidate and project, but typically include content creation, level design, balancing, detailed game design for specific features, and contributing to the high level vision.

Desired qualifications
A passionate gamer with an interest in competitive online action games
Industry experience as a game designer or programmer on a released online game is preferable
Strong analytical skills, you can answer yes to the questions below:

  • You don’t just understand how features work in the games you play, you also understand why they were tailored that way and whether it worked
  • You usually spot what characters/classes are powerful or weak not just based on their stats, but how those stats interact with the roles they play, with other characters’ balancing and with the circumstances of the match rules
  • You enjoy making game maps and planning in different paths to objectives with pros and cons, conflict zones, and accounting for all the game’s possible playstyles to work